You Don't Need to Speak Moistly to Wear a Mask

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This was a bit of an issue for Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau who - when delivering his regular press update outside his residence in Ottawa, to discuss the serious subject of wearing masks out in public during the Coronavirus pandemic - used the word 'moistly' ... and then instantly regretted it.


His Message was clear Canada is supporting masks for all to help slow the spread of droplets that spread corona virus.

If you can't laugh at Trudeau's "speaking moistly on them" then you are just looking for something to complain about. I thought it was great - he slipped up and laughed at himself.

Don't be un-Canadian right now. Have a sense of humour.

While the world anxiously stays at home in a bid to reduce the spread and flatten the curve of the Coronavirus outbreak, a little faux pas from a national leader to encourage the internet to produce memes, is something that we can all be a little bit thankful for right now and maybe the official statement from Dr. Tam below is for you.

Canada’s Special Advisory Committee on #COVID19 reached consensus on NON-MEDICAL masks/FACIAL COVERINGS’ use in public as an added layer of protection to help YOU PROTECT OTHERS by reducing spread of droplets, even before you have symptoms. #LayerUpCOVID

Dr. Theresa Tam
🇨🇦 The Chief Public Health Officer of Canada promotes and protects the health of Canadians advises Canadians to flatten the curve or even plank the curve by wearing face coverings out in public 

Council of Chief Medical Officers of Health Communication: Use of Non-Medical Masks (or Facial Coverings) full statement HERE

While many people are sewing and filling in the supplies, some are looking to comfort and wash ability can buy masks by clicking HERE There's a limited supply so check back if not currently available.


Countries are winning the COvid battle have strict tracing and tracking as well as Masks For All.