Google Mask Searches On The rise as Face Masks Said To Be a Key Element in Reopening the Economy

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OTTAWA -- Ottawa’s Medical Officer of Health suggests Ottawa residents wear a mask or face-covering when going into public during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Dr. Vera Etches says wearing a mask helps to protect people you may come into contact with when you’re out in the community.

“It provides an added layer of protection.”


 As you can see below the Google is working over time helping people learn about masks. 

Getting started is easy (try google)

Cut up a t shirt and make a mask 50-60% effective

Tea towel up to 70% effective

Sew your own multi layer or find a local sewer (again google can help)

Or buy online

Don't worry if it's perfect, you'll have many masks and supplies will improve

We're going from "You look like an idiot with a mask" to "You look like an idiot for not wearing a mask"



Here's a list from Google trends.

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