Coronavirus: Canada’s top doctor said Corona virus is low risk to Canadians. What does she think about masks?

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Dr Theresa Tam, Canada’s chief public health officer is widely known for flip floping on her Covid-19 response. She is criticized by some for describing the risk to Canadians as low until March 15, and for her long-time dismissal of the need for the general public to wear face masks. She changed that stance about two weeks ago.

The message we promote (based on scientific research and studies) and more importantly, common sense:


Wash your hands, wear a mask. 

You don't be a rocket doctor to know wearing a mask stops the spread of droplets. 



We can do this Canada, wear a mask out in public.

Getting started is easy (try google)

Cut up a t shirt and make a mask 50-60% effective

Tea towel up to 70% effective

Sew your own multi layer or find a local sewer (again google can help)

Or buy online

Don't worry if it's perfect, you'll have many masks and supplies will improve

We're going from "You look like an idiot with a mask" to "You look like an idiot for not wearing a mask"